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Cedar Point Food

I went to Cedar Point on Saturday for Hallo-weekends and it was a blast. I was there most of the day, and loved it, but also had to eat there. You can bring a cooler and pack food to leave in your car, and go back to get it when you are hungry, but our car was so far away and the park was so crowded, we felt it wasn’t even worth it. Therefore, around dinnertime, we went in search of healthy food. Walking around the whole park, I found cheeseburgers, fries, chicken strips, funnel cakes, elephant ears, corn dogs, ice cream, desserts, but nothing healthy. Finally, after looking everywhere, I noticed there were three places to get healthy food, or mostly healthy food. 1. There was one Subway on the side of the park. Yes, they did have healthy sub options, but it was over priced. 2. They had a Panda Express, Chinese restaurant, which can be healthy if you only got the brown rice and vegetables, but you have to be careful. Most of the meat was fried, and some of the vegetables were cooked in excessive sauce, making it high in calories and loosing most of its nutritional value. 3. A restaurant in the very back of the park that served salads with other options.  So after looking at all these choices, think of how many food places are in the park. My guess is at least twenty, probably more. Therefore, out of twenty or so restaurants, only three had healthy food. Why? Because many people would rather eat the fatty food, then pay just as much or more money for the healthy stuff.  

Torie Nicholas

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