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U.S. Koala Cookie Recall – Made in China

Is the whole world made of melamine?

Melamine is a solvent used in making fertilizer and plastic. So far in China, it has killed four babies and sickened 54,000.

It seems that the Koala March cookie made from the Lotte USA Inc cookie company based in Michigan is recalling their cookies which are made in China.

Why does a US cookie company have to have their cookies made in China? These cookies which come in numerous flavors are distributed nationwide and in Canada.

Don’t you think there would be plenty of people in Michigan who would like to be employed as cookie makers?

I am so sick and tired of inferior and poisonous products that are made in China.

China. China. China.

Time to stop outsourcing the manufacturing of drugs, toys, pet food, and other food related products to China. Our country is so invested in the Wal-Mart mentality of cheap goods (that sounds like an oxymoron).

Let’s pay a little more and invest in quality and our own work force.

Here are photos of the packaging. It’s deceptive because the website has the word USA in it.

http://www.lotteusainc.com/ – The Lotte website is temporarily unavailable.

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