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Eating on the Go!

In college, everything is at a faster pace. Students going from classes, to jobs, to parties….everything, even just adjusting to college life. But the fact is, food is necessary. But if your very busy in the first place, you have to still find time to eat. The problem is, look at food you can eat on the go, and there is one common theme….UNHEALTHY FOOD! There are various options for food on the go, but not very healthy options. There is a gas station, which is quick, but gas station food is mostly snacks, donuts and hot dogs. Gross!! Another food on the go place is obviously fast food. Some fast food places offer salads and grilled options, but still, not very healthy. Lastly, there are places like Subway. Yes, Subway is healthy, depending on what you get and the dressings and cheese, and it is quick, but nothing you can eat in your car quickly. This once again shows even though Americans are “trying” to be healthy, it does not show with quick food options.

Torie Nicholas

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