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What’s in Your Kitchen?

Two food writers from the L.A. Times weigh in on what kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories are must-haves or wastes of space and money.

Looking at their list — I couldn’t live without my microplane (buy this microplane now at our online store), high quality coffee, a good corkscrew, and my blender especially now that I’m in the protein smoothie phase.

I have also been coveting a dutch oven. We’ll see as I’m also on a strict budget… 

What kitchen appliances are your must haves and what do you think takes up counter space and should be sold at yard sales?

  1. Interesting link. I actually read the whole list. They were very practical on some things but others they were a little snobby — for example, thinking that nobody eats toast any more. I LOVE toast. There is nothing that satisfies like the crunch of toast. All the things they said about a toaster are true. But what can you do? I’m not going to fire up the grille outside in the winter just to do toast.

    Moving on… you mention a microplane. What is that?

    I don’t have a good corkscrew, I still use the one I was given when I was a waitress at Friday’s back in college in the late 70’s — but we did splurge and get “The Rabbit” wine pump. It’s great because we don’t have to feel like hurrying up to finish a bottle — now it stays fresh when we need it.

    What I am considering buying is a bread machine. I am actually having trouble find one. I think I am the last person on the planet to get one. Go figure.

  2. Mary,
    A microplane is the size of a standard ruler (perhaps) in length and width and has holes in it for grating. It’s made out of metal. It’s lightweight and easy to clean and store.
    It’s the perfect accessory to grate small amounts of cheese, zest, chocolate, onions, carrots, ginger root, etc.
    You wouldn’t grate a whole cabbage on it but small amounts.

    As for the bread maker, I bet you could find them at yard sales or thrift stores. When the economy is bad like it is now, people eat more comfort food so maybe the bread maker will make a come back but if people are scaling back, maybe not.

    I have a toaster but it’s broken and only toasts on one slit. Although I love toast, I only eat it when I go out to breakfast. As a rule, I don’t buy bread unless I have company for a meal and feel that bread is a necessity or maybe if I have guests spending a few days. I prefer not to have bread around the house. It’s my treat for when I go out.

    As for a wine opener, I have broken so many on these plastic corks so I got a stronger corkscrew. The wine pump sounds like a good idea.

    It didn’t mention a crockpot. I have been making wet dog food in the crockpot and I’m thinking of making some chili soon. Last night it was 42 degrees! I do love my crockpot but keep it in the pantry until I need it.

  3. I couldn’t live without my toaster oven, and blender. Because if I can’t cook it in my toaster oven, then it must be something I am able to break down into a drink by using my blender. Those are the only two “cooking” appliances I use.

  4. I echo Mary’s comments. The selection of a few of those items sounds a bit snobby. I think the use of the term “expensive” is what puts them over the top for me. Frankly, I always look at function and then form. I can do without a crepe pan, but a good wine opener is a necessity. Furthermore, high quality knives and good coffee are essential (now that I think about it, I guess technically they are expensive). Lastly, I too will have to investigate the “microplane” thing…

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