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Princess Cake for Everyday Royalty

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My kingdom for a Princess cake.
I know this cake is not healthy but — WOW — it was delicious.

Today I went to a birthday party and they served Princess Cake from Ghini’s Cafe/Bakery in Tucson.

What is a Princess cake? It has a dome shape and the frosting is made from marzipan. The layers are white cake, raspberry filling, and maybe marzipan cream or vanilla cream/custard. Marzipan has an intense almond flavor. The cake was very light. For some reason the outer frosting is always a shade of green — anywhere from intense mint green to light chartreuse.

Everyone seemed to eat this cake up both with their mouths and their eyes.

Forget about Prince Charming, just give me another slice of Princess cake.

The Princess cake is a winner.

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