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Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Food

Ever look on a dollar menu at a place like McDonalds. You will find sandwiches, fries, drinks, and other items. But how many healthy items can you find? Yea, they might have salad or grilled chicken on the menu, but almost always the unhealthy food is cheaper. Look at an example, Wendy’s double cheeseburger is only 99 cents, while a baked potato is $1.29. A baked potato is a lot healthier, and since it is healthy, they know they can get away with raising the price. So, basically your options are, either get unhealthy food for cheap, or healthy food for more. Another example, not relating to the fast food market, is chips at the grocery store. You can find a bag of lays for $1.99 almost anywhere, but Baked Lays are usually around $4. Why is this so? They are both chips and made by the same company. What’s the big deal? One is healthier and one is not, but the problem is society has been accustomed to pay more for healthy food, or they can’t get it. That’s the facts!

Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie,
    Those are excellent points.
    I think if people started bombarding Lay’s and other companies with these valid complaints perhaps they would do something about it.
    Maybe that’s a question for the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

  2. On a related subject, air at gas stations used to be free. Now it is 75 cents for 3 minutes. In fact, there used to be a state law, here in Ohio, mandating free air. Not any more. That doesn’t sound like much, but it takes me two times ($1.50 total) to get all my tires inflated. But the bigger question is “why is it not free any more?”

    Somebody was lobbying our politicians for the law change and it is not for the good of the general public.

    It should be free because having your tires inflated to the proper pressure does the following:

    1. Improves the safety of driving your car
    2. Improves your gas mileage

    Regarding the gas mileage, I have a mileage monitor on my car and I noticed that my average city mileage was going down since I purchased it 4 months ago. I inflated my tires (they were really low) and now I am getting 3-4 more miles per gallon.

    In light of today’s energy and financial crises, changing this is something that could really make a difference to benefit all.

  3. I agree, something needs to be done because healthier food, if anything, should be cheaper. The Lay’s chip prices make no sence to me.

  4. As for your response Mary, I agree air should be free. And at many gas stations around me, it is free. So I think it just depends on the location, but air does in fact help you get better gas mileage, and should be free. I do not know if this is the case for you, but around here, the BP gas stations, say the air costs 75 cents, but if you go in there and tell them you need air, they can press a button and it turns on the air pump for free. Many people do not know this, and they do not have it written anywhere, but they will give you the air for free.

  5. i recently listened to a podcast about the worrying trend in our society whereby healthy food is way more expensive than unhealthy one. considering an organic chicken is like 3 times more expensive than a regular one, and, like this post says, chips and dips are cheaper than fruits and veggies, this is highly problematic. the above mentioned podcast raises the issue of hypocrisy in our society: emphasis on being fit and promoting healthy lifestyles, but not making these available in terms of prices… so, health becomes really a class issue…

  6. “eatincalgary”…
    i totally agree this is hyprocritical. we can not be a healthy society with all these drawbacks. And it does make it a class issue. I agree fully.

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