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Food at Toledo Zoo

I went to the Toledo zoo over the weekend. I love seeing animals and love going to the zoo, so I decided to make a trip with my friends for the day. During that Saturday, it was really hot and nice outside. We ate breakfast before we went to the zoo, but by mid afternoon, and with no lunch, we were getting hungry, so we went to go find something to eat. Looking at the menu, they had food from nachos, pizza, fries, and ice cream and sweets. Some of the foods sounded good, but nothing was healthy. Healthy food is always the best option, but there was nothing healthy, so I had to eat something small until we left the park. But since I ate unhealthy food, I had no energy and felt really light headed and tired the rest of the day. Without eating healthy, I could not walk as much without getting tired, and this made me remember why it is so important to be eating healthy.

Torie Nicholas

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