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Protein Rich Breakfast – Low Glycemic Smoothie

While I was on vacation, my friend Chef Annette, made me a delicious smoothie (or smoothy) for breakfast. Surprisingly, it stuck with me for three or four hours before I became hungry.

There was no added sugar or honey and a lot of protein.

I have been making a smoothie every day since. It’s a far cry from the same old, same old eggs and turkey bacon that I was eating on South Beach Diet.

I want the smoothie to be low glycemic which means enter the bloodstream slowly without spiking blood sugar so I will feel fuller faster.

The beauty of a smoothie is that the taste combinations are endless.

Here’s what I’ve been drinking for a week:

1/2 cup pure grapefruit juice diluted with 1/2 cup water

2 scoops of vanilla Aria protein powder (has 14 grams of whey and soy protein)

1/2 cup of plain nonfat yogurt

2/3 cup of frozen mixed berries (without sugar/syrup) slightly thawed

1 Tbsp ground flax seed meal (good for the heart and full of fiber)

I use a ho-hum blender and put on “blend” for about 15 seconds.


Some people don’t like grapefruit juice and others cannot take it with certain medications. I chose grapefruit juice because I like it and it provides a low glycemic load vs. orange juice or apple juice but either would work as would cranberry juice or pineapple juice or even green tea or another flavor of tea.

Chef Annette used 2 tablespoons of frozen orange juice concentrate and water. She also used a banana.

I am considering buying and peeling some bananas and cutting them into thirds and freezing them, then pop out a third every now and then.

You can use any fruit. The frozen berries are easy for me. Choose fruit without sugar or syrup. Fresh or frozen mango or papaya or peaches would work too.

The key is having enough protein to stave off hunger and not go into sugar shock. Traditional smoothies found in many juice joints have a corn syrup base and use fruit flavors (not real fruit) like Jack in the Box.

Normally, I prefer to chew food vs. a liquid concoction and swallow but these smoothies have been very satisfying.

The midday slump might require a smoothie pick-me-up which could be paired down to the protein powder, 8 oz of water or tea, and a smaller portion of fruit in the blender.

How do you make a smoothie? Let’s share recipes.

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