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Calorie Intake

       Eating healthy is very important, and one part of eating healthy is calories. Calories are a pre- SI unit of energy, but what does that really mean. Everyone needs calories, young and old, skinny and fat, but to what extent is the question. Someone trying to loose weight should eat usually around 1,500 calories, while an active girl should eat around 2,000 calories. There are many variables for calorie intake, but do you actually know how many calories per item are bad? For example, drinking one can of regular coke is around 100 calories, but do you know what 100 calories means? Let’s say you were working out on the elliptical, a very typical workout machine for woman. On the elliptical, you can usually burn 10 calories a minute. So drinking that one can of coke is roughly equivalent to working out for ten minutes. Now, ten minutes may not seem like a lot, but put it into your busy routine and not every day people can find time to work out, even if it is only ten minutes. But as we look at more calories, one can of pop isn’t that bad, but what about a McDonalds double cheeseburger. One of those is almost 300 calories. Again, what does 300 calories mean? It means roughly 30 minutes working out to burn off one double cheeseburger. I know calories are not the only important items with nutrition, but calories are important and you must really weigh the options to see if the food is worth eating.

Torie Nicholas

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