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Mediterranean Restaurant – Toledo

              Today, with my roommate Britt and my Aunt Mary, I went to a restaurant called Rumors, located in Toledo, Ohio near campus. From our first impression of the restaurant, it didn’t look very nice, and it seemed like a restaurant for older people. When we tried the food though, it was really good. My aunt and shared I Mediterranean platter with tons of food on it and it was amazing. Literally the platter was two feet long, and it contained everything from gyro meat, to stuffed grape leaves. I really loved the restaurant and it was very tasty. The only thing I would have to complain about was the pita was not warm. All the food was good, but going on cold pita was not the best. Besides that, it was such a good restaurant and if you are planning to go to Toledo, I would suggest you check it on. Thumbs up!

Torie Nicholas

  1. Sounds like its worth trying out. Pity about the cold pita bread though. Thanks for sharing the tip on this restaurant. We will certainly give it a go next time we are in Toledo.

  2. I have had some great Mediterranean cuisine at The Oasis. It is located across the street from The University of Toledo. The first time I ate there, my boyfriend and I shared the Shish Tawook dinner. The portions are huge! We couldn’t even finish the Falafel we ordered. I order food from there late night. They deliver till 4am. Even if you are not in to Mediterranean food The Oasis has the biggest menu I have ever seen! I highly recommend you try it.

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