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Skipping Meals at College

                 The University of Toledo is not the largest college, but with thousands of students and lots to offer, it is important to become active on campus to meet all sorts of new people and join great organizations. But with being active, comes responsibility and it makes it even more difficult to eat healthy.

                I know I always go back to eating healthy and trying to work out, but being at school, besides homework and friends, eating healthy is most important. You may ask me what I am talking about; saying activities in college can alter healthy eating or unhealthy eating habits. I understand, but much more than you think, the activities and organizations you are in influence your eating styles, and possibly skipping meals.

                Skipping meals is bad, and slows down the rate of metabolism, but not everyone can be perfect. I am in Alpha Chi Omega, a national sorority, and on Sunday nights we have chapter meetings. Chapter meetings are fun and not a big deal or time commitment, but they usually end right when the dining halls close. Yes, I know I am making a sacrifice and I don’t have to be in a sorority, but since I chose to participate on campus, I have to pay by either choosing not to eat dinner on Sundays or supply my own food.

                I know, I could always go back to my dorm and make food, but without a stove or large fridge, how much food can you really make that is healthy? Besides making food, I could go to the one campus cafeteria that is open twenty four seven, but what do they have to offer me? Nothing, as far as being healthy!  I tried eating there once, but honestly, this cafeteria on campus sucks. After eight, when all the regular dining halls close, this location opens and you can get food, but again, it is not healthy. If you go there your choices are pizza or a cheeseburger, fries, and a drink. Yes, I say you can get milk or water to be healthier, but if students have late classes and/or activities at night, there is no option for good food.

                I understand this is a college campus, but healthier options could be put into place. I would always rather eat healthier food, but if I have the choice of only eating fries or not eating, I will eat because I am human and get hungry. But that is wrong.

Torie Nicholas

  1. I hear your pain. Here are a few suggestions. Perhaps you can make a difference and make a mark at Toledo University.

    1. Suggest that your sorority change the date/time of their chapter meetings.
    2. When the time is right, suggest “making food healthier at Toledo U” as a “cause” that your sorority could get behind.
    3. Make Toledo University aware of your post writings, here at Circle of Food, to raise awareness.
    4. Have your roommates, sorority sisters, post comments for/against, on your posts.

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