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I am on day 11. I haven’t been keeping up with the posts but it’s eating as per the other days more or less.

I actually went out to eat a few times to break the boredom and stuck with the program.

I went to lunch in a Mexican restaurant, Zivaz, and didn’t get the rice, the chips, or the tortillas but did get a wonderful homey chicken dish (lunch portion size) with a lot of vegetables, black beans, salsa, and salad. I didn’t miss any of those carbs that I usually O.D. on.

Today I went to pick up a salad at Sauce. My salad was spinach, chicken, pinenuts, and tomatoes with a creamy gorgonzola dressing. Hold the roll and butter. It was yummy.

I went to volunteer and they had a lunch break of pizza and chose to work through the break and bypass the pizza. I knew if I got near the pizza, it would be curtains. There are some things that I simply cannot resist and pizza is one of them.

And I hit the dried apricots and South Beach protein bars which are not part of phase 1 but so be it. 

So far I have lost 5 pounds. All good news.

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Learn more about the glycemic index, the glycemic load, and the fullness factor. 



  1. Someone told me with pizza you can get a slice and eat the toppings only, allowing you to give in to temptation but still be eating safe. What about with SoBe? Is it strict on dairy too?

  2. I would find it extremely hard not to eat the pizza crust, unless it did not taste good.

    I am not a South Beach Diet fan. Denial is not a way to live your life. With Weight Watchers, whose slogan is “Stop dieting and start living”, you can literally eat anything you want, in moderation. I have found it extremely liberating to no longer be on a diet.

  3. Susan
    I agree with Mary that it would be difficult to leave the crust behind.

    Some restaurants have an option for whole wheat crust which to me tastes just fine. At Trader Joe’s you can buy whole wheat pizza crust. Whole wheat is low glycemic.

    You still have to limit intake though.

    I lost 7 pounds in 13 days on South Beach but gained 5 back when I went on vacation. I knew I was going to gain weight but that is what a vacation is all about. I ate a lot of carbs, bread, desserts, and spirits. So I’m still ahead of the game.

    As for dairy, on South Beach you can have low fat or fat free cottage cheese, low fat cheese in moderation and low fat or fat free yogurt.

    Have you ever noticed how many sugar grams are in milk? I don’t drink much milk but I was shocked at how many sugar grams are in milk. Cow’s milk gives me a gag reflex.

    I just checked and 8 oz of vanilla soy low fat milk has 11 grams of sugar which I think is less than 8 oz of regular low fat milk but don’t have any to compare.

    Except for the first phase of South Beach which is very restrictive, I don’t think phase 2 is so restrictive — it’s more like moderation and low glycemic.

    South Beach or not, I think eating via a low glycemic index is the way to go.

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  5. Whether I lost weight or not, the gi diet really keeps me in check. I’ve been able to sustain over 125 lb weight loss for over 4 years now. Given how crazy my life has been during the last 4, I consider myself lucky to have kept within 20 lbs of my lowest weight since I started the GI.

    I don’t do South Beach but it sounds like it the closest “mainstream” diet company that really follows the concept of GI.

    I do it all by hand so to speak. LOL or try to. I think the biggest success has been to be able to improve my cooking skills. It might sound hokey but if I’m in close relationship with the food I’m putting in my body, the better. sometimes that’s counter intuitive but it’s helped me.

  6. Way to go. I’m a slow carb follower myself. I’ve been able to achieve my dream body this way after years of struggle. Keep up the good work.

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