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Losing Weight – South Beach Diet – Day 7

I weighed myself and I lost weight. How much? To be revealed after day 13. I admit that I am bored on this diet with the choice of foods.

I know that I can probably open up the South Beach Diet cookbook and make something creative but I have no desire to do so. It’s still hot here like in the high 90s and that always squashes my desire to do anything in the kitchen except open and close the refrigerator door.

This is what I ate. I better write it down or I’ll forget.

Breakfast – 2 egg omelet with spinach and low fat feta cheese

Snack before going to gym – 10 almonds

Late lunch or early dinner – Chipotle Mexican Grill bowl. I’m not a fan of fast foods and especially corporate fast foods,  but Chipotle has a different philosophy where animals are humanely raised and farming is sustainable and they try to make their to-go products recyclable.  

So every now and then I do frequent Chipotle. The Bowl is a perfect complement to South Beach Diet if I don’t have any rice. Like who needs rice? I had black beans, chicken, diced tomatoes, two kinds of salsa, a little cheese, and lettuce. Perfect.

Late dinner – I had a turkey burger with some cauliflower dipped in eggplant hummus.

Later I was craving fruit and the only fruit I had in the house was dried apricots so I had a serving of those. That was not on the diet but I don’t feel bad about an apricot fix.


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