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Low Glycemic Diet – Day 7 – South Beach diet

I kind of fell off the phase 1 wagon today. It wasn’t major as I ate something – a 140 calorie South Beach protein bar — that is for phase 2 and 3 only. It could’ve been much worse so I’m not going to beat myself up.

I also ate:

Breakfast – string cheese stick

Late breakfast – spinach and lox omelet

Lunch – piece of chicken

Snack – a serving of walnuts and diet soda (Hansen’s pomegrante which tastes like a nondescript cherry – I don’t recommend it.), string cheese stick

Dinner – turkey burger, protein bar

As you can tell I am getting more and more lazy.

I also went to the gym and drank lots of water. I spent the evening watching the Emmys and looking through cookbooks trying to figure out what Im going to serve for company for a brunch in October.



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