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Hershey Dumbs Down Chocolate

The good news is because of last year’s FDA ruling, companies that don’t use cocoa butter cannot call their products milk chocolate. Otherwise who knows what kind of mocholates we would be paying for that are made with mystery oils and nasty vegetable oil?

The bad news is Hershey has dumbed down some of their products which now instead of milk chocolate are described as chocolate candy, chocolately, chocolate flavored.

A recent segment on the Today Show alerted the masses. Hershey talks about the high price of cocoa butter. But by using cheaper ingredients, have they lowered any prices for substandard lackluster products?

Are you surprised? I’m not surprised. Hershey isn’t the first or the last corporation to do this.

The good news is there are lots of honest to goodness chocolate out there.

I rarely eat milk chocolate because dark chocolate is much healthier.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Kopali Organics / – found in Whole Foods – fair trade too

Vahrhona  – found in Trader Joes – they have milk chocolate and dark chocolate and in between 

Guittard – They were the first to let the public know about the don’t mess with chocolate campaign where mainstream chocolate manufacturers wanted to dumb down chocolate. They have milk chocolate and dark chocolate, baker chocolate…chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

I would like to see thousands of people contact Hershey and tell them you don’t like how they dumbed down chocolate. What have you got to lose?  Share your thoughts…


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