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Low Glycemic Feast – Day 6

First let me explain what low glycemic means. If you do a search, you’ll come to numerous explanations that all — more or less — say the same thing.

When you eat foods that are low on the glycemic index, the foods take longer to be absorbed and digested. The benefit is you eat less, build more insulin resistance (good for diabetics), and have less spikes in blood sugar which cause people to overeat. That is the simple definition.

This is what I ate today:

Breakfast – 2 egg omelet with fresh spinach and lox

Lunch – ah, lunch. What a feast. I went to a friend’s for lunch. She served a buffet of noshes — Greek salad, coleslaw, mini Bonbel cheeses, salmon/cream cheese ball rolled in nuts, sliced tomatoes, steamed green beans, turkey and cheese roll ups — this was all acceptable on my low glycemic diet. 

She also served wine, fruit salad, and crackers. I passed on these three items and drank iced tea instead. I drank the iced tea in a wine goblet, silly I know, but fun.

Dinner – I wasn’t too hungry and just ate a small piece of chicken and some vegetable juice cocktail.

No cravings today! My jeans felt loser but I have not weighed myself yet.


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