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Tainted Milk Products and Infant Milk Powder in China

You have to feel sorry for parents who live in China. First they are rationed as to how many children they are allowed to have (usually one).  Thousands of parents lost their children in that horrendous earthquake earlier in the year and now babies are dying from tainted infant milk powder. So far four babies have died and hundreds are suffering from kidney stones.

As mentioned previously on the Circle of Food blog, the infant milk powder was contaminated with melamine, the same industrial solvent, that our U.S. pet food was contaminated with last year.

What the hell is going on in China?

Now they are looking beyond infant milk powder to milk products. Grocery stores in China have removed all semblance of milk and related products and Starbucks in China have also removed milk products.

Who’s minding the store? And why is this happening? And why does it continue to happen?

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