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South Beach Diet – Low Glycemic – Day 5

Today I was craving chocolate.

I didn’t have any but I thought about chocolate a lot. Actually bittersweet chocolate or cocoa powder without sugar is low glycemic but is not allowed on phase 1 of the South Beach diet.

I don’t think I ate much today which is fine plus I went to the gym which is a plus.

One of the down sides of phase 1 is that you can only have eggs for breakfast. Fortunately, I love eggs but I miss cereal on phase 1 but it only lasts for two weeks so I keep telling myself that I can live with anything for two weeks, right?

Day 5

Breakfast – 1 string cheese stick – then went to the gym

Breakfast later – a mountain of fresh spinach with lox and 2 eggs in an omelet

Snack – 1 serving of nuts, 1/2 turkey burger, 8 oz of vegetable cocktail

Dinner – some herring and 2/3 can of beans with BBQ sauce – I don’t think the BBQ sauce is totally low glycemic but I had it anyway. It had 9 grams of sugar.  I also had a few fresh mushrooms with the rest of the hummus and a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese

Snack – 1 string cheese stick

Except for the BBQ sauce, I think this could be considered a diabetic diet.

You can see that I am kind of lazy. For some reason I don’t feel like making a mess in the kitchen so I don’t feel like cooking.

  1. Found your comment interesting with regards to this diet – my husband is diabetic (since 15 yrs old) and wanted to shed a few “tummy pounds” and this diet in the UK was called the bikini diet! We did the diet together Phase 1 in the book, (lasts two weeks) and his blood sugar levels were all over the place, kept having severe “lows” hypoglycemia and to bring levels up was drinking coke or orange juice. Didn’t find the diet too easy either, difficult to fit in around work commitments, even though I did make the Vegetable Quiche Cups to go for him for his breakfast!
    Just thinking you may have been on a different version – ours didn’t have BBQ sauce, baked beans etc . . .

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