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South Beach Diet-Low Glycemic Eating-Day 4

For some reason I was craving fruit today…but I didn’t have any. It’s a good thing that I don’t have any fruit in the house.

I went to do phone banking today for three hours. I got hungry but the only available snacks were chocolate chip cookies, pecan bars, biscotti, and potato chips. I have to remember to bring a suitable snack for me. I had a cup of black coffee.

I also ran into a friend who was there volunteering the same shift was me so we decided to go out to lunch. So much for not going out to eat while on this diet.

This is what I ate today:

Breakfast – 2 egg omelet with lox and grape tomatoes

Lunch – salad with lettuce and tomatoes and lots of chopped turkey and salad dressing (very satisfying and filling)

Snack – 8 oz vegetable juice cocktail, a serving of almonds

Dinner – piece of rotisserie chicken, broccoli and hummus

Snack – diet soda and cottage cheese and half a turkey burger

This diet works well for me because I don’t have to count calories, don’t have to count points (I hate diet bookkeeping), don’t have to go to a meeting and listen to people whine about their weight. I hate that. It’s like group therapy for the overweight. I also like that I can eat real food and not dehydrated food that comes to life with some hot water cooking up a chemical after taste.

If you buy the book, South Beach Diet, it’s filled with all kinds of recipes for phase 1 but I cannot be bothered to do all that cooking. Get real.

I just look at the list of acceptable foods and eat basic.

So far so good.

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