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Yummy Chicken Sausage: Bilinski’s Organic Chicken Sausage

My husband was talking out loud the other day wondering why you can’t buy hot dogs or sausages at restaurants as easily as you can a hamburger.  He was thinking that maybe this could be the next “virgin territory” for food fads.

That got me thinking.  Personally, I used to eat a lot of hot dogs and sausages until I became aware and concerned about the high fat content.  I’ve tried some low-fat varieties but finally got tired of not being able to remember the brand that I liked not to mention finding it in stock. 

Then you try something new and it ends up being a disaster.  I’ll never forget the hot dogs I got once, made of soy, that expanded to an obscene length when boiled too long in water.  It wasn’t a pretty picture.

Well, I drove past a health food store the other day and decided to go in.  I happened across a low-fat sausage in the freezer section called Bilinski’s Organic Chicken Sausage.  The variety was “Spinach & Feta”.  Fully cooked, each sausage is only 80 calories with 20 calories from fat (that’s only 25% fat).  The package says “No Pork Casing, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Soy-Free”.

The ingredients list states:  Organic skinless chicken, organic spinach, water, organic feta cheese (organic pasteurized milk, organic nonfat milk, salt, cheese culture, enzymes, calcium chloride), organic garlic, sea salt, organic black papper.  That’s it!

Oh.  Did I mention that they were delicious?  Yes!  And only about $1.55 each (package of 5 for $7.79)

I have finally found a low fat sausage that I will buy again. 

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