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South Beach Diet – Low Glycemic – Day 3

Today wraps up my 3rd day of low glycemic eating.

I chose the South Beach Diet over say Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig is because on the South Beach Diet, you lose stomach fat first. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but I much prefer to lose stomach fat first rather than for someone to say, “I can see it in your face that you lost weight.”

Here’s what I ate today. Again, I wasn’t that hungry. Election 08 and the Wall Street fall out caused me to lose my appetite. 

Breakfast: turkey burger

Mid morning: 2 egg omelet with low fat feta cheese and half dozen cherry tomatoes

Mid afternoon: I nibbled away on fresh mushrooms with hummus, herring, cottage cheese, 15 almonds, and vegetable cocktail juice.

Dinner – Spinach salad made with rotisserie chicken and tomatoes with bottled raspberry dressing. Raspberry is a fruit but oh, well. There’s probably not enough in there to be disastrous and it’s only 35 calories for 2 tablespoons.

Snack – 1 string cheese stick

I’m kind of hungry now but will drink a few glasses of water so that should (it better) appease me.

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