Where Local and Global Appetites Collide

Low Glycemic Diet – Day 2 – South Beach Diet

I think it was yesterday’s devastating economic forecast that prevented me from having an appetite.  I simply have not eaten much; that’s not a bad thing.

Here’s what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast – 2 eggs scrambled with lox and sauteed mushrooms

Lunch – Southwest cobb salad*

Snack – 8 oz of low sodium garden patch vegetable juice and 7 almonds (15 almonds is a serving)

Dinner – turkey burger, 10 steamed cauliflower dipped in eggplant hummus, 8 almonds, and diet ginger ale

That’s all I’ve had to eat yesterday plus black coffee and iced tea.

I went out to lunch at Chili’s. I took a friend out to lunch who recently had surgery. I really did not read the menu carefully. Ordering a SW cobb salad, I thought I was on the safe side but that was not the case. The salad arrived and had breaded chicken and corn. I looked at the menu a second time and the menu said “crispy” chicken. I guess I didn’t connect crispy with fried and battered. The salad also said spicy corn relish. Corn is not allowed. The other ingredients — lettuce, tomato, cheese, black beans were fine choices. I ate the avocado-ranch dressing sparingly. It was more ranch than avocado.

The waitress said she would be happy to give me grilled chicken and no corn relish but I chose to keep the salad. I ate the chicken and left the batter and tried to eat around the corn but I’m sure I ate some of it.

Here’s an example of people trying to eat healthy and getting fried and battered chicken.

Normally during the first few days of this diet, I crave sugar and fruit but so far — I have not. I’m thrilled with that.

It taught me to better read the menu. I really didn’t want to go out to eat during this time but sometime it’s unavoidable and I wanted to do something nice for my friend.

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