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Low Glycemic Diet – Day 1- South Beach Diet

I decided to go on the low glycemic South Beach Diet – phase 1 — for two weeks.

Every night I will report what I ate. I hate this kind of mental bookkeeping but if I wait until tomorrow, I’ll forget.

Phase 1 of South Beach diet is pretty strict but I figure it’s only for two weeks and I can do anything for two weeks, right?

Each day I will explain a bit about the South Beach diet.

For today, these are some of the foods you cannot eat — no fruit or fruit juice, no wine/beer/alcohol, no bread/pasta/rice/potatoes/cereal/corn, no milk or yogurt, no sugar.

I didn’t eat very much today. I’m not sure why, I was busy or distracted.

Breakfast — 2 eggs with sauteed mushrooms and a sprinkle of lowfat feta cheese

Lunch – a serving of lox and some herring

Snack – 5 cherry tomatoes and a serving of 1% cottage cheese + 8 oz low sodium vegetable cocktail (Garden Patch)

Dinner – 1 turkey burger, 1/2 dozen steamed cauliflower with some eggplant hummus. I didn’t eat until 9 p.m.

I drank diet soda (Hansen’s ginger ale) and coffee. South Beach recommends decaf because regular coffee or caffeine is supposed to stimulate the appetite. Previously I have mixed half caff and half decaf but I didn’t have decaf and just decided to drink what I have.

I drank water and went to the gym.



  1. Phase 1 can be a bit disheartening because the cravings are the worst during this pivotal time. For me, phase 2 was the worst because most of my carbohydrate cravings were killing me with hunger: It didn’t matter if I had the 1 serving of fruit added and a bit more protein. It’s good to have a lot to drink. What I did was drink water a half hour before I ate and waited 2 hours after eating before drinking again. For some reason this simple adjustment in my intake of fluids helped ease the “hunger” I felt. Good luck with either finishing Phase 1 or going into Phase 2.

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