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Infant Milk Powder in China Contaminated

So far 432 babies across China developed kidney stones and one died. The cause is infant milk powder contaminated with melamine.

The babies suffer from kidney stones and blocked urinary tracts.

Melamine, a chemical, is used to make plastics, glue, fertilizer, and cleaning products and can make milk protein appear higher than it actually is. Last year U.S. dog food was tainted with melamine also, killing hundreds of dogs.

The manufacturer started getting calls from frightened parents about the color of their babies urine. There is some concern that the manufacturer of the infant milk products did not act fast enough after getting these calls.

More sick babies will most likely surface as the recall grows.

Shops across China, including global spermarkets , pulled the infant milk powder from shelves two days ago after a recall was issued.

The affair has had repercussions overseas, with the US FDA  alerting local markets to beware of Chinese-made baby formula. It was not unclear if any of the contaminated powder has been exported.

In 2004, infants in China died of nutritional deficiencies after being fed sub-standard milk powder and over 170 infants fell sick in what the Chinese press said involved pirated  products.

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