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The Restaurant: BBC TV Series 2 with Raymond Blanc

The hard work is paying off!  It’s been two years now that the Circle of Food team has worked to bring you newsworthy and interesting blog posts about everything food and you know you have arrived when the work gets a little easier and people in the food industry start sending information to you. 

Case in point:  I got an email from a BBC TV producer today about Series 2 of the BBC TV show The Restaurant.   Now I am going to admit the unthinkable.  I have never heard of The Restaurant TV show.  Is it because I don’t have expensive cable TV?  We only pay $11/month for basic cable just to be able to get better reception.

What am I missing out there in TV land because I don’t have cable?

Anyway, to do my civic duty, for those of you who can get it, you might consider tuning into BBC 2 on Wednesday 10th September 2008, 8pm to watch episode one of The Restaurant, and episode 2 is on Thursday 11th Spetember.

The Restaurant, Series 2 will run for 8 weeks and you can watch as Raymond Blanc trains and sets challenges for couples keen to run their own restaurant. This is an amazing chance for one couple who will go into business with Raymond but not all will make it, and each week, for one couple, the dream of running a restaurant must end.

Find out more about The Restaurant TV show.  If you want to get more personal, here is the contact info for the producer of the show:

Monica Björklund | Producer
The Restaurant – Series 2
BBC Television Centre | Wood Lane | London W12 7RJ
Direct Line: 0208 225 7635  Fax: 0208 225 8280
Blackberry: bjorklund@blackberry.orange.co.uk

  1. I don’t have cable either. I figure that would be another way for me to be distracted and I’m already a champion at that.

    I see too many people in real life who open restaurants because for some unknown reason they think it will bring them fame and fortune. Or people open restaurants because someone told them they were good cooks but they have no culinary training or much more importantly — no business sense.

    Then they make the mistake of hiring family to save some money. That’s bad because most likely the family feels taken advantage of and they also have no experience.

    However, the television show should make for great entertainment. A few seasons ago, there was on with Rocco DeSpirito and that was quite good but on a major network.

  2. Just to comment on the new series. I just want to point out that on reality shows such as this one, nothing could be further from reality. They are just self promotional vehicles for minor celebs trying to flog their latest venture or who have sold their soul to television. The poor folk who sign up for one thing only to find themselves bullied, and manipulated by the TV show and end up being shown as incompetent fools who need the guidance of said minor celeb to be able to function.
    Whilst very entertaining please always remember what you see is not what happens x

  3. Henn Little, sadly, I agree with you. Isn’t it a shame that people are used, in many cases, to promote others to increase their fame and fortune.

    There is a reality show that I watch, however, that I think is above all this — Super Nanny. I don’t have any kids but I still watch the show hoping that I’ll pick up tips to help me with my nieces and nephews. I’ve learned a lot.

  4. Actually I gave the show a good watch-over and was pretty impressed by it. Raymond Blanc is definitely much different from the other reality chefs (aka: Hes friendly and wont snap at things just for the sake of Drama). The music too also reflected this with much classical tunes being played throughout the show.

    I wouldn’t call Raymond Blanc a minor Celeb to be fair there. I wouldn’t call him a major one either but I doubt hes in any hurry to create a celebrity icon from himself either.

    Actually looking over the last series I cant actually find any real evidence of the people in the show trying to create a fame-name for themselves.

    Anyway 🙂 Just to finish this post off, this show is actually pretty darn decent and is worth more than one look-over.

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