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Food Personality Test: What’s in Your Grocery Bag?

I went to Trader Joe’s today and this is what was in my two bags:

1 qt chocolate almond milk – 120 cal per 8 oz
1 qt vanilla soy milk – for cereal
turkey & swiss cheese sandwich on pretzel bread (I love this sandwich)
1 navel orange
1 ruby grapefruit
box of TJ’s raisin bran cereal
package of Calif. fresh figs – I love fresh figs!
just salmon – already prepared baked salmon (farm raised)
nonfat Greek-style yogurt
package of organic strawberries
eggplant hummus dip – will dip the tomatoes and celery in it
low sodium vegetable juice – refreshing chilled
4 Fuji apples
ground turkey – making my own wet dog food these days
1 pound organic mixed medley tomatoes
16 oz ground Italian espresso

Are there any food coaches or nutritionistas or people with opinions reading Circle of Food? If so, what do you think of my grocery shopping habits?

Also what was the cost of my purchase? C’mon, you Price is Right fans…speak up.


  1. You must have copied my typical list….except I have to buy 2 gallons of 2% organic milk for my 2 boys. Right now, I’m in the middle of a 10 Day Vegetarian Challenge (no fish either) for my blog, so I wouldn’t have the salmon or turkey sandwich.

    The ground turkey for homemade “wet” dog food sounds disgusting. You are a better person than me.

    I’d guess $62 for the bill.

  2. Patricia,

    Thanks for the post and guess.

    I will wait a few more days to announce the cost of my groceries.

    Your blog is interesting and so is your 14-day vegetarian diet.

  3. Karyn,
    My Trader Joes list typically includes some wine as well…they have great prices/selection I think. My guess on the price for your trip ($54) ?

  4. I’ve always admired your healthy eating habits. You are also so open about trying different kinds of food (e.g. eggplant hummus and vanilla soy milk). I still can’t bring myself to like soy milk, although I have tried several times.

    I’d guess $46.35 for your grocery basket, but I have to admit that my husband does the grocery shopping and I am very out of touch with grocery prices these days.

  5. The cost for those two bags of groceries is $46.79!

    Mary, you were very close!

    Now that the week has gone, more than half of the food is gone. I love fresh figs and pigged out on those right away. I usually do that per season. My fig fix has expired for 2008.

    The organic strawberries I ate with the yogurt. I try to buy organic berries because berries are one of those “dirty dozen” foods riddled with pesticides so that’s why I choose organic. If I cannot find organic berries at a reasonable price, I don’t buy any.

    As for milk, I hate the taste and smell and probably have not drank milk for four decades. I recently had a double shot glass of regular milk which was served in an upscale restaurant with a shot of bourbon in it and cookies for dessert. It was quite delicious, so if I ever drink cow’s milk again, it will need bourbon to be palatable.

    I don’t really like soy milk but on my cereal, I don’t mind it. To drink a whole glass would be punishment. The chocolate almond milk served chilled and over ice was quite refreshing and a nice treat. I would buy that again.

    Like every grocery store experience, prices at Trader Joe’s have gone up too. What used to be a $35 bag is now almost $50.

    I saw a box of 18 tea bags (Good Earth) go from $1.99 to $2.69. 70 cents is a huge hike for one item.

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