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Weight Loss Memoir

I’ve been delinquent in posting weight loss updates.

Let’s see — I’m in maintaining mode which is still better than being in gaining mode.

For months now I have maintained my 10 pound weight loss but my goal was to lose 20 pounds by year end. It’s doable but I cannot be sure it will get done.

This has been a rough year for me as I’m sure it has been a rough year for many what with the economy, job losses and cutbacks, foreclosures, gas prices, etc.

My two biggest weight loss problems are that I don’t exercise regularly and portion control. Fortunately, my stomach did shrink and thankfully, I cannot seem to be able to pig out at the quantity that I previously did. I almost always choose fish over beef or pork but who can resist french fries? And I eat fruit. I love fruit — apples (gala or fuji), ruby grapefruits, frozen cherries, blueberries…and the very occasional ripe melon. It’s hard to find good melons around these parts.

Recently a friend twisted my arm to meet her at In-n-Out Burger. She wanted to split a milkshake but I declined. I opted for an item on the secret menu — the protein burger which comes wrapped in a big lettuce leaf instead of a white bun. With the grilled onions and secret sauce (which is probably a cholesterol killer), I didn’t miss the bun. I still ordered the fries but not well done/extra crispy which means more oil time.

Also I mindfully leave something on my plate when I eat out and even left a few french fries.

I guess these are small changes but over the long haul amount to a lifetime of eating less.



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