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Pot and Pan Rack: Organize Your Kitchen, Organize Your Life

Do you have a pot and pan rack in your kitchen?  I don’t, but maybe I should.  I have been looking at them lately.  I found this hanging pot rack from Range Kleen that is reasonably priced and goes with my kitchen decor.  This one is stainless steel, priced at $99.99.  If you get it in black, it is only $59.99.

I am on this “simplify your life through organization” kick.  It all started with a trip to Ikea where I bought some wooden hangers for our hall closet where we hang all of our coats.  We had all sorts of odd hanger shapes, from thin metal ones to plastic to wood.  Believe me, hanging all the coats on the same shaped wooden hangar really made a difference in making it look more organized — not to mention that I put all the hats, mittens, and scarves in see-through plastic storage boxes.

Well, you know how it is — when one part of your house gets organized, and you realize how good it makes you feel, you start looking around for other places that could use it too — in my case, the kitchen!

Pot and pan racks might be the answer to one thing that annoys me about cooking — having to lift up all my heavy pots and pans that are stacked on top of one another to save space, just to get the one you need on the bottom.  And it is always the one on the bottom that I need!

If I had a pot and pan rack, I could hang my stainless steel pans and my annodized aluminum cooking pots on their own individual hooks and simply reach for the single pan that I need.  The lids could be placed on the shelf too.

Does anyone have experience with a wall mount pot rack or a hanging pot rack?

  1. I have a hanging rack for most of my pots & pans. I did it out of necessity as I have precious little kitchen storage. I like it. The only thing that doesn’t hang (as it’s against the wall) are the big pots for soup or chili.

    I know I got my system at Ikea about 5 years ago. It wasn’t expensive – but it’s been too long to remember. It came with the items to hang it on the wall. With a drill & a level, it should take less than an hour.

    Also, my kitchen has metal cabinets (it’s old). I found a number of magnetic items, such as a spice rack & paper towel holder that help as well.

  2. Emmer, good point about the hanging pot rack. Thanks for the feedback.

    Your metal cabinets sound very retro. Don’t apologize that they are old. Your use of magnets sounds like a great idea!

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