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Smashies – Fun Healthy Treat for Kids of All Ages

Looking for a healthy snack for your kids?  What could be more healthy than Smashies — a new 100% fruit, USDA organic applesauce! 

In today’s environment where companies are adding corn syrup to everything to save money, it is refreshing that this product has taken the opposite approach.  There is NO added sugar.  Just 100% fruit. 

I can see the appeal to kids.  The packaging is super fun to look at and hold.  Easy to use, too, which is one of the benefits they tout.  No more messy and hard-to-open cups.

The packages are resealable, although I can’t imagine any left-overs with this tasty treat.  Kids will love the very smooth contents which still conjures up my childhood memories of stealing tastes of my baby brother’s processed fruit from baby food jars.  Today, as an adult, I prefer a more natural, fibery applesauce — but hey, I am not their target market.

The downside?  I look at the cute individual packaging and see another product that sacrifices our environment for the sake of convenience.  The package does say  “Please Recycle”.  So do your part and use this opportunity to teach your kids to recycle.

Smashies come in a box of 10 and can be found in your local grocery store starting in October 2008.

But…if you want to try them now, they have a special deal where you can try the Smashies Snappy Apple before it hits the stores. You pay for just the shipping and handling and they’ll send you the product.  You can take advantage of this special offer online now just in time for back-to-school lunches.

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