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Red Bullsh*t

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For a few years I have seen those auto wrapped cars emblazoned with Red Bull and the larger than life sized can of Red Bull sticking out of the back.

But I never tried a Red Bull…until today.

I was getting in my car at Office Depot when one of the Red Bull cars drives up and out jump these two perky girls with Red Bull paraphenalia on their back. One of them, asked if I wanted a can of Red Bull.

Sure, why not? It was 99 degrees and I needed a pick-me-up.

I came home and drank the can and within minutes I was tired. I thought this was an energy drink. I expected to be alert and full of focus. Not so. I practically slipped into a coma.

I took a long nap and then woke up like I had a hangover.

Red Bull sells youth and energy and a lifestyle filled with adventure.

Maybe if you’re not in the Red Bull demographic, Red Bull’s potency has a reverse effect. I may just take it when I have insomnia. For me, Red Bull was a like a carbonated sleeping pill.


  1. Ya, it’s a shock when you think one thing is going to happen and the opposite happens. For some that is exactly what those kind of energy drinks do. 3 years ago we were driving to Florida and my husband started drinking Red Bull. At first he was full or energy and zinging along. About an hour later he couldn’t keep his eyes open. He crashed hard and I had to end up driving. Now we use Nugreens or Berry Greens – no more crashes, just lasting energy.

  2. The same happened to me the first time i tried VAULT energy soda. I drank it and felt sick for about 20 minutes and then passed out for a good hour during class and woke up feeling awful and tired.

    Go all natural when it comes to energy supplements.

    Chamomile for when you want to fall asleep.

  3. I drink at least 6 red bulls a day and I’m wired like a category 5 hurricane ready to explode. I don’t know how life would be without it. My previous wife actually made me choose between red bull and her…..well red bull has always been there for me. I recommend it.

  4. Ummm…. I am guessing your older people, because when me and my friends drink them, we are fine, and feel more awake and alert and all that other stuff you lose.

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