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Under Sink Storage for Your Kitchen: Get Organized & Simplify Your Life

Could you use some more kitchen sink storage? 

I thought so.  If you are like me, your kitchen sink storage cabinet is so full, you can hardly close the door.   I am constantly picking up bottles of soap detergent that fall out when I try to reach behind them to get my stainless steel polish or spare bottle of dishwasher liquid.

I ran across this inexpensive storage solution that doubles your under-sink storage by simply giving you a double shelf.  What is nice about this under sink organizer is that it has adjustable panels on each shelf that you can configure to fit around your kitchen sink pipes.  They shelves also expand to accommodate different width cabinets.

It comes in two sizes so can also be a great bathroom space saver.  The small one is only $17.99 and the large one is $20.99.  It is manufactured by Range Kleen — the same people that make your stove burner drip pans.

All the “simplify your life and get organized” consultants recommend implementing organization solutions to eliminate the agonizing nuiscances in your daily life.  So, stop struggling with having to fight your way through the clutter under your kitchen or bathroom sink and get organized!

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