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Icing on the Cake: Frosting for Fanatics

I don’t know about you but I much rather eat the icing or frosting than the cake. I am quite happy licking the icing off the cupcake rather than eating the cupcake. I am content eating the Oreo filling (frosting) and throwing the cookie away. Carrot cake can be dry but the cream cheese frosting is what frosts my fancy. Brownies are the ultimate treat but only when they are frosted with rich chocolate, the cake part I can leave behind.

I know this has nothing to do with a healthy food blog but so be it — sometimes we must dabble in sweet tooth-ism.

Some enterprising bakeries have come up with a way to feed my frosting fetish by serving frosting shots. Brilliant!

And the cool thing is, that a frosting shot is just a bit beyond a taste so it’s less calories than an entire cupcake and your sweet tooth will be greatly satiated too.

Now to find the bakery in Tucson that will start serving the frosting shot…


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