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Real Fruit Smoothies Have Too Much Sugar

I have been watching too much TV and there have been a lot of commercials for Jack-in-the-Box Real Fruit Smoothies. The commercial leads you to believe, perhaps vicariously, that the smoothie is healthy. Really, what’s not healthy about real fruit and yogurt?

However, I was curious about the calorie and sugar content.

You won’t believe this but a Jack-in-the-Box 16-oz strawberry-banana fruit smoothie has 57 grams of sugar!

Don’t for one hot minute think that this smoothie is a healthy alternative to a 20-oz Coke or Barq’s root beer which has 46 grams of sugar.

A 24-oz strawberry-banana fruit smoothie from Jack-in-the-Box has 85 grams of sugar! That’s outrageous. A 16-oz Oreo cookie ice cream shake has 68 grams of sugar but you know when you’re eating something like this that you’re not even pretending to eat healthy. It also has a lot more fat grams.

A 6-inch banana has 10 grams of sugar and a cup of fresh strawberries is even lower with 8 grams of sugar.

Where is all this sugar coming from? One teaspoon of sugar equals 4 grams of sugar.

Here’s what others have to say about the their experiences with the real fruit smoothie?

Let’s share some healthy smoothie recipes.

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