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Recipe Contests: Cook Food. Win Money.

I’ve won two cooking contests in my time. The first was when I was in sixth grade and while the boys had a contest to make model planes, the girls were asked to bake something. I attended elementary school in more sexist times.

While all the other girls made chocolate cakes, brownies, and cookies I made my first ever Chef Boyardee Pizza from a box. I remember rolling out the gummy dough, spreading it with prepared tomato sauce, and sprinkling with prepared parmesan cheese. I baked it before I want to school that day. It was still warm when I walked into class.

I won the contest! I was bold enough to think differently in sixth grade. My mother wanted me to make a layer cake but I held out for the pizza. I won a model airplane kit which I promptly gave to my younger brother.

Years later I won a cookbook for a meatloaf recipe. I don’t remember what was special about my recipe. There was first prize and second prize and 25 cookbook prizes. For all I know only 27 people entered the contest.

Anyway I stumbled on the page of contests and it said that the major stumbling block is not entering. So go forth and enter.

If you win anything, you better come back here and brag about it.  Good luck.


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