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Oven Broiler Pans to Broil Your Way to a Healthier You

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If you are not using a broiler pan to broil your food, instead of frying, then now is the time to start. It is much healthier and will save you lots of calories, time, and give you some very flavorful food as well.

What reminded me of this was reading through a book I picked up last week at our local Half Price Book Store. It’s the “Biggest Loser” from season one of the TV series. I loved the TV show and the book’s before and after photos along with their personal stories were very motivating.

One of the tips mentioned by a contestant was to broil your food instead of frying.

Yes, frying foods can taste great, but so can broiling. If you have never broiled foods, check out these broiler pan broiling tips from Range Kleen, an Ohio company that manufactures oven broiler pans.   They tell you:

  • How to avoid getting the smoke that often results from broiling
  • Whether to turn your food when broiling
  • Whether you should use tongs or a fork to turn your food
  • How far away from the heating source you should put your oven rack
  • and more!
  1. Broiling is good but in the desert, I don’t turn on my oven from May through September so it’s either saute or fry or takeout.

    Good tips, thanks

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