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All-Natural Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks: Fruitwell by Ariel Natural Foods

When was the last time you had freeze dried fruit?  For me, it was probably when I was in high school and college doing hard-core backpacking with the Girl Scouts.  Food weight mattered a lot.  You try lugging around a bag of apples for a day and you’ll see what I mean.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the new Fruitwell products by Ariel Natural Foods — consisting of three different 100% natural freeze dried fruits (apple, banana, or pineapple).  The first thing I noticed was the “crunch”.  Something they say is possible because of their proprietary freeze-drying process that eliminates the need for sulfides and other preservatives because they don’t need them.

They were good!  Some sweeter than others, depending upon the fruit, as you would expect.  I found myself favoring the pineapple — a nice blend of tart and sweet.  The bananas had a crunch that reminded me of the freeze-dried ice cream that we would always treat ourselves to when we would visit the National Air and Space Museum here in Dayton Ohio.  It took me a while to get used to.  The interesting thing is that when the bananas get hydrated in your mouth, they regain the full flavor and texture of their original form.

When I asked my husband what he thought about these freeze-dried snacks, his first comment was that he really liked the banana – it tasted so natural.

I started playing with the freeze-dried fruit and put some of the bananas in my cereal.  They got soft right away and tasted great.

So, if you are looking for a 100% natural snack that has no additives, no preservatives, no added sugar, is kosher certified and naturally fat free, then give Fruitwell a try.

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