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Saintpaul Salmonella Update

There is still no official cause for the tomato salmonella outbreak.

The CDC is looking into fresh cilantro, serrano chiles, and jalapeno peppers.

No one crop wants to be tapped on the shoulder and told, “you are it.” because it will most likely crush sales.

Tomatoes seem to be creeping back onto menus. In two days, I’ve had two dishes at local restaurants that had tomatoes in them — salsa which looked like it was freshly made from raw tomatoes and a Mediterranean-like salad. The latter’s tomatoes were definitely not ripe.

Here are some words of wisdom from the New Mexico Chile Association as a proactive statement that red and green chiles are not implicated with the latest tomato salmonella scare.

In my humble mind, roasted green chiles is one of the best foods in the world.



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