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Tomato Salmonella Update

One of the busiest weekends for tomato demand has come and gone as people put sliced tomatoes on the burgers and serve at holiday barbecues.

Tomatoes are rotting on the vine or in some packing house because orders are not being picked up.

And now the government is looking at other food culprits like jalapenos.

What if there was nothing ever wrong with the tomatoes and some other ingredient was the cause?  I know that’s a big — what if — but what if it’s true and millions of dollars were lost because of a false positive?

It doesn’t look like the government will be able to find the cause and that’s scary in itself. There’s no preventing “it” from happening again.

The number of people who have been sickened by tomato salmonella saintpaul is now up to 943.

For the lastest tomato salmonella investigation update, click here.

In the meantime, all last week I ate tomatoes from local farmers markets and gardens. They were delicious! Buy local.

  1. It’s scary that they still don’t know. I’ve seen tomatoes in the market the entire time, and I wasn’t sure when it was “safe” to eat them again.

    I’ve been eating them again for the past week (used them tonight, in fact), but I am still apprehensive and scared me or my family will get sick.

  2. Erica,

    Tomatoes on the vine, grape, and cherry tomatoes are safe to eat.

    Some states were not affected by the tomato salmonella scare and never took any tomatoes off the market.

    If possible try to buy tomatoes from farmers markets or mom-and-pop farm stands.

    I hope our collective tomato confidence returns.

  3. I had to google for a tomato blog just so I could put me two cents out there. I have been eating tomatoes. So far so incredibly delicious, and no sickness. I can’t imagine summer without eating fresh tomatoes.

  4. India, I agree. I had my first FDA certified safe tomato (on the vine) this week since this all began. I don’t remember them ever being so delicious before. Yum. I can’t imagine summer without tomatoes.

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