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I’ve got the blues: Blue Food

I was looking for some red, white, and blue recipes (stay tuned they will come tomorrow), I found a website talking about how blue foods (other than blueberries) make us lose our appetites.

Think about it…other than blueberries, what food is blue?

There is blue curacao, a liqueur used in some tropical drinks and there are blue popsicles which always made our tongues a weird color. While the purple popsicles tasted faintly of grape and the red popsicles tasted of some miscellaneous berry — blue popsicles were flavorless.

According to this article, blue is an appetite suppressant so people should eat off of blue plates and put blue lightbulbs in the refrigerator.

I cooked a purple potato recently and it split open and turned an odd blue-gray. It was not appetizing at all.

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