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Recall: Astro Pops May Have Plastic Pieces

In a nutshell, some frozen iced pops distributed by Wal-Mart in Calif. and Ariz. may have small pieces of plastic in it which happened when the equipment broke.

June 18, 2008–-Matterhorn Group Inc is recalling certain date coded product of their Rainbow Glacier Astro Pops water ice frozen novelty pops, Cherry Pineapple Swirl 3.5 oz size 12-count bag pack, with tag closure Best by JUN 03-09, Best by JUN 04-09 and Best by JUN 05-09 sold through the Wal-Mart stores located in California and Arizona, Sunnyside Farms Missile Pops Cherry Pineapple in 3.5 oz. size 12 count bag packages, with tag closure of Best By JUN 02-09, Best by JUN 03-09 and Best by JUN 04-09 sold through the California stores of grocery retailers Save Mart and Raley’s, and Vitafreze Frozen Astronot Pops 3.5 oz size 12 count bag packages, with tag closure of Best By JUN 02-09 sold in California.

The products are being recalled because they may contain pieces of hard plastic. Only the noted product date codes listed are affected.

The small pieces of non-toxic hard plastic were from a part of the processing equipment which broke during the manufacturing process. The majority of the possibly affected product was retrieved from the distribution system before any release to retail stores. However, there were a small number of cases which were shipped to above mentioned locations.

There have been no reports of injury. People who bite into or swallow a fragment could possibly be injured, prompting this precautionary recall. Young children are particularly at risk of a choking hazard. Although the company believes the problem is very isolated, we are taking this measure to ensure the safety of our consumers.

Consumers in AZ and CA who have purchased the above indicated products should return them to their retailer where purchased for a full refund. For questions and inquiries, consumers may contact us at 1-888-264-0898.

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