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Frugal Shopping Tip: Don’t Buy Salad in a Bag

I have always thought that next to the gift bag, the salad in a bag was a marvelous concept.

Think about it: Everything you need at your finger tips, you don’t even have to wash the lettuce unless you’re a type A type.  For us purists, there was just green stuff — baby lettuces or spinach. 

Then some enterprising marketing person decided to put an entire salad in a bag. Now you can buy caesar salad in a bag or Chinese chicken salad in a bag or a salad that comes with greens, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, blue cheese crumbles, and a small container of salad dressing.

That’s the good news. The bad news is — all that convenience is costing you a lot of money. If you buy your own head of lettuce, it’s about one fourth or one third the cost.

So if you’re counting your pennies these days and really who isn’t. It’s more like counting dollars– buy a head of lettuce and watch for the sales. Come home and wash and dry the lettuce, wrap in paper towels and keep in the crisper. Add some cherry or grape tomatoes (we’re still allowed to eat those), cucumber slices, a few nuts or grated cheese and there you have it — a nice healthy salad at a fraction of the cost of already made salad.

I eat a lot of salad. For protein I will frequently open up a can of white cannelini beans or red kidney beans (rinse off the salt), a few cherry tomatoes, about a third of a handful of grated cheese and already prepared salad dressing. Sometimes I will grate some lemon or orange zest into the salad dressing as I like citrus. This makes a good lunch or a light dinner, perfect for when it’s too hot to eat.

  1. I love bagged salads also, but since I have a family of 6 we started getting the head of lettuce again, i’m just unmotivated to do all the chopping!

  2. I love the bagged salad, because of the convenience. I tend to let the heads of lettuce go bad & end up throwing them out. It’s so easy to toss some already-washed lettuce in the bowl, add cheese, salami, grape tomatoes and a few croutons. It works great for my family of 5!

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