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What’s Brewing? Coffee for Your Health

A new study was recently released that says coffee is full of antioxidants and people can now drink it and it actually is good for your heart health — but — it’s not so good for cancer.

What’s a coffee drinker to do?

What really annoys me about all these studies is — no one study is definitive. I would like to know more about the participants and under what conditions the study occured. And more importantly: Who is financing the study? I bet the tea association didn’t finance it.

Every year a new study comes out about coffee, red wine, green wine, chocolate, etc. etc. chiming in with new authorative advice. Who cares?

Someone pass me an Americano, please…

  1. Yeah, it is confusing. A friend of mine in medical school told me 1-2 cups a day is fine as long as I’m not pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. Apparently coffee and pregnancy are a major no-no.

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