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Avoid the Tomato Scare; Eat Local Tomatoes

The lastest tomato scare is just another reason to eat locally grown produce and to support the mom-and-pop farmer and farmers markets.

For an article that I’m writing which will appear in late July, this week I am eating only foods that I find at farmers markets and friends’ gardens.

I have spent all week eating tomatoes. Most of the time when they are picked from friends gardens, they don’t even make it home as these sweet nothings are popped into my excited mouth during the drive home.

I must say that the tomato that comes out of the garden has no resemblance to the tomato that comes out of a plastic clamshell in the grocery store.

I also had some raw round heirloom tomatoes that were orange, yellow, and red. Wow! They tasted so good especially smeared with some local goat cheese. 

My father used to grow tomatoes during the summer and my mom would make spaghetti sauce to freeze and canned tomatoes then we would eat tomato sandwiches for weeks never tiring of their ripe earthy sweet taste.

I’ll be writing a lot about my local finds. I live in Tucson which is not known as agriculture country yet there are growing communities to the south and to the east.

Now is the time to support your local farmer and sprout locavore wings. Stop driving past that farm stand selling seasonal vegetables and fruits. Stop and buy a carton, a pound, or a bushel. It will do you and the farmer a world of good. 

  1. I can’t wait to hear more about your “experiment” eating local foods only for an entire week. You are so adventuresome! I admire you.

    Many of our “local” produce stands here in Ohio unfortunately order their produce from wholesalers — you can see the boxes that they are packed in. But when you find an authentic one, you feel that you have come across a real find!

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