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Healthy Grilling Recipes for Fathers Day

Many of our dads are watching their weight, their cholesterol, their prostrate, or trying to eat healthy. Why not honor your father by taking him on a hike or playing a round of golf and shooting some hoops?

Another way to honor Dad is inviting the family and good friends for a healthy grill fest.

Food always tastes better when it’s cooked on the grill. Think fish, shrimp, and poultry (What about turkey burgers?) instead of heart-clogging steak and pork chops.

Think grilled vegetables and for dessert grilled peaches. To quote Del Taco, think outside the bun…and traditional potato salad. 

Grilled corn-on-the-cob is everyone’s favorite, cooked in the husk and soaked in water, is perfect to complement the main course. Pulling the husk back and tying with butcher’s string can help bring out the natural flavor.

What about grilling meaty portabella mushrooms with all the burger fixings (except the burger) and placing the grilled shrooms between a lightly grilled  roll or baguette.

If dad likes pizza and mushrooms, here’s an easy recipe to impress him with.

If dad likes onions, try grilling sweet Vidalia onions topped with a dressing made from orange juice, oil, vinegar, honey, salt and black pepper. This would complement grilled chicken or turkey burgers.


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