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TUCSON–When the weather hits to 100+ mark, I become a zombie and get really depressed. I decided to try to break the pattern. Today I signed up for an 8-week summer drawing class then decided to go buy my art supplies while drawing was on my brain’s top shelf.

I bought the supplies at Sarnoff’s and then saw Yoshimatsu’s sign beckoning me to eat lunch. Yoshimatsu is my favorite Japanese restaurant in Tucson and it appears to be everyone elses favorite too because it consistently wins Tucson Weekly’s Best Japanese restaurant in the Best of Tucson issue.  

I ordered the gingered tofu lunch plate for $6.95. Talk about eating healthy…there were about half a dozen nicely sized squared of lightly fried tofu and a soy ginger sauce for dipping. Also on the plate was green salad which I topped with their housemade miso-peanut dressing; a few morsels of steamed yam, a finger sized vegetable eggroll with just the right crunch and a potato croquette. Someone in the kitchen has a sense of humor as the croquette came with a smiley face. It made me smile.

It really was a lot of food for $6.95. I forgot to mention the mountain of brown rice. Yoshimatsu has the best brown rice in Tucson and beyond. I don’t know what it is about that brown rice but it’s almost nutty. It’s called takikomi brown rice which is brown rice cooked with tofu skin, carrot, hijiki seaweed, yam cake, cooking sake, and soy sauce.

Brown rice is a low glycemic food. Low glycemic means that food enters the blood stream slowly and doesn’t cause spikes of desire usually for sugary-sweet food. Low glycemic eating involves complex carbohydrates and is vital to diabetics and to anyone who wants to eat less, feel fuller faster, and be more satisfied overall.

Anyway I love this brown rice! And although brown rice is my rice of choice vs. white rice, Yoshimatsu’s brown rice is over the top in wholesome goodness.

I also had iced green tea without sugar.

How could I not feel healthy after eating this delicious meal. I forgot to mention the complimentary cup of miso soup.

If you live in Tucson or coming to visit, put Yoshimatsu on your list. Now that it’s summer and the UA students are gone — there’s no line.

Aside from tea, you can imbibe with a variety of sake, beers, and other drinks. Desserts include Japanese ice cream and Japanese smoothie-like drinks. Stop in the little store on the premises and pick up Hello Kitty trinkets, masks, postcards, and t-shirts. Also on the premises is a separate and rated highly sushi restaurant.


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