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Food Trivia: Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts…Healthy Eating

Last week I posted some food trivia questions and only one person took the challenge. Thanks for playing!

So here are the food trivia questions and the answers plus some healthy eating tips.

Which vegetable has three times as much vitamin C as an orange  and twice as much iron as spinach?

The answer is……………………. peppersYou can incorporate more peppers in your diet by dicing and adding to an omelet or frittata or putting them on the grill for a nice char then drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

Which vegetable did the ancient Greeks hold sacred, using it to not only to adorn victors of athletic contests, but also for decorating the tombs of the deceased?

The answer is……………….. parsley!  Parsley is more than just throwaway garnish. Chew on it for a fresher breath. Finely chopped parsley added to cous cous or rice pilaf adds color and texture.

Which vegetable comes in white, yellow, orange, green, and purple varieties?

The answer is…………………………. cauliflower! Try raw cauliflower, carrots, and tomatoes with a lowfat blue cheese dip for a healthy snack. You can steam or microwave cauliflower until soft and then mash. Add some chicken broth, vegetable broth, or low fat milk along with a dab of butter and some sea salt for mock mashed potatoes. Some people never miss the potatoes.


Which fruit is a member of the rose family?

The answer is…………………………pear! Who knew?  Fresh pears with brie or Stilton cheese or white cheddar make a great snack. Add a bottle of chardonnay or champagne and some whole grain crackers for an elegant instant picnic under a shady tree.

Which nut did the Romans shower newlyweds with as a fertility charm?

The answer is……………………….almonds!  A handful of almonds (15) are high protein and good for the heart. Going nuts in moderation is a good thing. Almond butter on thick toasted raisin bread is an ultra worldly treat.

You can find out everything you ever wanted to know fruits, vegetables, and nuts at Producepedia.

Happy healthy eating.

Karyn Zoldan

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