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Comfort Food: Pass the Pot Roast Recipe, Please

I was tramping around and out of the corner of my tired eyes, I saw Yahoo! had a list of the top 10 searches today. In the numbers 1 and 2 spot were Angeli Jolie and Jessica Alba but in the number 10 spot was pot roast recipes.

How odd. But then I started thinking about why pot roast recipes were so popular.

On the Today Show today, there was a segment about retro marketing and how products from our past are making a comeback. Some of these products are Brim coffee and Hydrox cookies. Slashfood says that Hydrox cookies are coming back without trans fat. I never liked the word “hydrox” it reminds me of peroxide or some scientific formula that if I light a match, something will catch on fire.

The whole point of the segment which I cannot seem to find online now is that these foods from our past remind us of better times. When we drank Brim coffee, gasoline wasn’t almost $4/gallon. Another product that is coming back is Salon Selectives, a type of apple-scented shampoo. I’ve never tried it but apparently women miss it enough to bring it back for round two.

But I digress from pot roast. I truly think that people want comfort food from their past and pot roast is one of those memorable meals. Here’s a pot roast recipe that I found online that is braised with coffee (Brim?) to create the sauce. The caramelized onions make it very tempting.


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