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Growing Older, Still Losing Weight

So far I have lost 12 pounds. I am losing weight at a snail’s pace but at least I’m still losing.

When I had a friend visit from out of town, I gained back 2 pounds but lost it.

My birthday is next week and I have some birthday dinners and lunches planned but I will just eat moderately.

One year my brother sent me a box of Norman Love chocolates and my syn twister Deni was visiting from L.A. (it was her birthday also) and we shared this glorious box of chocolates.

This year if my brother sends a box of Norman Love chocolates, I may just eat it myself but I am certainly willing to share. I usually celebrate with food and am trying not to do that…this year.

Although I do want some sweet celebratory nosh of some kind so we’ll see. Chocolate whoopie pies caught my eye and I glanced at the page but maybe if I was having a party — I might pop for one.

I like those marzipan princess cakes and I know right where to get one locally but I’m going to let that go unless I can find an individual size. You either love or hate marzipan. I love it but mostly leave it.

Do I have the right to exercise my sweet tooth and throw caution to the low glycemic wind on my birthday? This is one of those big O birthdays.

I’ll ponder that thought for awhile.


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