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Low Glycemic Lunch for Mothers Day

Mothers Day is May 11 and too many restaurants will be overcrowded overcharging for mediocre service and so-so food. I know it’s a money-maker day for restaurants but with a little help from some friends or family, you can make mothers day more enjoyable.

Consider getting some friends together along with their moms and hosting a potluck lunch for moms.

Most moms are on a diet, trying to eat healthy for medical reasons, or trying to eat healthy for health reasons, or just to feel good. So serve a meal that honors your mom as well as their health.

Bloody Marys are a good place to start with or without the alcohol. These days there are lots of mixer options to pair with tomato juice beyond  traditional vodka.

First assemble a good quality low sodium tomato juice, celery sticks with the leaves on, green olives (on skewers), limes, Worchestershire sauce, and hot sauce. Bloody Marys made with tequila are called Bloody Marias. If you choose tequilla as your mixer, your lunch could take on a south of the border or Spanish theme. Here’s an interesting article about the many mixers for Bloody Marys or Marias.

For moms and guests who don’t drink alcohol, omit. It’s still refreshing…and more healthy.

Low glycemic means that food slowly enters your bloodstream without spiking your blood sugar. Low glycemic eating makes you feel fuller faster because of the complex carbohydrates instead of empty calories like sugar and white flour.

Some good lunch choices might include an asparagus and mushroom frittata which is a baked egg dish served with oven baked sweet potatoes drizzled with a green chile salsa mixed with lowfat sour cream.

Another option would be a trio of salads. My favorites would include easy Chinese chicken salad, brown rice with cashews and cranberries (served chilled), and spinach salad with baked goat cheese.  By sampling three different salads, mom doesn’t get bored eating one salad. All the salads are easy to make and much of it can be assembled the night before. The rice could be chilled overnight and taken out of the refrigerator 10 minutes prior to serving so it would be room temperature. These salads provide a range of protein, healthy grains, greens, and a taste of rich cheese — all low glycemic.

Serve the salads with a good loaf of bread (not required).

For dessert, put some fresh or frozen/thawed berries of all kinds in pretty goblets or martini glasses. Dab with a bit of creme fraiche or whipped cream and decorate with fresh mint.

Give the moms some DARK chocolate bars as take home presents to be savored later. Dark chocolate is good for the soul as well as its anti oxidant count. I love Valrhona Le Noir (85% cocoa) but any good dark chocolate will do. You can find Valrhona in Trader Joe’s.

Happy Mother’s Day

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