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Growing Older: Forgetting to Post about Weight Loss

I don’t think I posted for a few weeks. There is so much clutter in this brain and on my desk that I’m lucky I remember what day it is.

As I was about to shut off the computer, I remembered so rather than cop out — I’m posting.

I have still lost 11 pounds!

I’m not complaining. Last week I had company (hi Sandee) and we had many cocktails, delicious food, and kaluha-laced cigars<--- and appetite suppressant, and I gained 2 pounds but then lost it. It was great fun and a major distraction from everything else going on.I didn't go to the gym for 3 weeks. For one of those weeks, I had a bad cold and sore throat and felt like I was getting bronchitis. But after a few days, it all went away which was good because that is when my company visited.I am back to the gym rat m.o. and will try to stick with it.I still have 9 more pounds to go to reach my immediate goal. I have to remain focused in all facets of my life.Until whenever...

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